Health bib


The Mont-Blanc Marathon is associated to "Ultra Sports Science" to help the medical research in ultra sport endurance. LOGO-USS-VERTICAL-QUADRIbaseline-01

Three doctors created endowment fund at the end of 2015: Ultra Sports Science dedicated to the healthcare in sports endurance. 

The goals are:

- Raise funds to set up internationale medicale research
- Share the results with the athletes, the scientists, the doctors, sport federation and organizer.
- Set up a health care policty for doping prevention.

The Mont-Blanc Marathon organizer make available 15 bibs for Ultra Sports Science : 5 on the 90km; 5 on the 42km and 5 for the 23km.

How to proceed ? 

If you want to buy a health bib and participate at one of those races, you have to make a donation or collect contribution of your entourage. 

• 23km = collect of 350 euros for one bib
• 42km = collect of 500 euros for one bib
• 90km = collect of 600 euros for one bib

 In France, the donor get a 66% discount (of the bib price) on his tax deduction with the limit of 20% of his taxable income.

Be careful, those bibs are available for person who respect the specific criterion of the race and in the limits of bibs available.

If you have any questions about Ultra Sports Science, thanks to adress your e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.