Christophe Boloyan, Director of  "La Chamoniarde"

With its six races and 7000 runners, the Mont-Blanc Marathon is a huge event for which the organisation has developed a complete plan to help to guarantee the safety of competitors on all the race routes.
However, runners remains responsible for their own safety. Everyone must do everything possible, through his actions and attitude, not to endanger his own life or that of others. Evereyone must be ready for any eventuality.

Five advices to enjoy your race

  • Have adequate material according to the weather conditions
  • Think about eating and drinking regularly
  • Be well trained on similar distances, vertical gain and ...
  • Follow the instructions given by the organisation.
  • Avoid self-medication practices

The way markers

The Mont-Blanc Marathon organisation positions specific way markers to help runners :

  • Yellow barricade tape used on a large part of the routes except in the Nature reserve areas
  • Red and with barricade tape used in the Nature reserve areas
  • Ski mountaineering way markers used on the paths with snow
  • Reference point indications
  • Specific race trail signs

The barricade tape will be attached on trees, rocks or on bamboo poles. These ways markers will be visible regularly on the routes. If you don't see them during more than 200m, please turn round and go back to the previous markers and / or call the race headquarters.

Contact with the organisation :

When you registered, you gave your phone number as well as the one of an emergency contact. The organisation insists on the fact that these phone numbers are very important. If you, or your friend, changed your phone number, or if you use another mobile during the event, don't forget to inform the organisation about it.

Please, save in your mobile photo the following phone numbers :

  • Race headquarter : 00 33 (0)4 50 53 22 57
  • France emergency: 112

The race hadquarter number will also be written on your race bib.

Chronometric check points :

Each race of the Mont-Blanc Marathon (except the Mini Cross) are timed. There are check points at the start, the finish and one or several places on the races. They are necessary for the animation but also for security. Please, take these check points into account.

A specific word about the Mont-Blanc 90km :

The Mont-Blanc 90Km event is a very technical course. The course is exclusively over hiking trails that can be narrow and exposed. Certain sections of the course go over snow and the runners are frequently between 2000 and 2500m in altitude requiring a certain level of acclimation. The weather can change suddenly in the mountains (wind, rain, heat/cold) and it is worth noting that running at night can increase the difficulty of the section. To participate in this race it is recommended to have good experience running in the the mountains, being comfortable in all terrains, and being autonomous for several hours. Regardless of the course the race has a maximum format of 24 hours.

Mandatory equipment :

Keep in mind that the mandatory equipment is a minimum you must have during the entire race. You should adapt this equipment according to the weather condition and don't forget that your performance will be optimal if you have adequate material

Individual accident insurance : 

Each competitor must, obligatorily, have their own accident insurance which will cover any costs of search and rescue in France and Switzerland (80km). Such insurance can be taken out with any organisation of the competitor's choice in particular with the French Federation of Athletics via the subscription of the 'Pass' Running' or membership
Helicopter-borne evacuations in Switzerland are not free of charge nor are the evacuations made in France by a private helicopter. The choice of the evacuation depends exclusively on the organisation, which will systematically prioritise the runners' security.